Thursday, May 2

So you like-a the Cumberbatch, eh....
12:53 PM

So you like-a the Cumberbatch, eh....

What follows may sound narcissistic, but please understand I am not this. Just humble. And if in the future I go that way, comment and knock me down a peg!
I love looking at the stats of my blogs. It kinda makes me feel what I do as a mindless pion in the world that is the Internet worthwhile. Especially with this blog, because it's not a part of a book tour where other people, than myself, direct you to come read my opinions on things like this blog (<- shameful promo for my book blog). No, when you come here you are curious of what's on the other side of that hyperlink that leads you to the end of the rabbit hole.

So, when today before I started this entry I noticed that the majority of my post hits are centralized around my Cumberbatch post. Don't blame you. He's a sexy beast that deserves so much love. To reward the people who click on the link to here or did an image search outside the Tumblr-verse for some Cumberbit-, I mean Cumberbatch love here you go:


*spaces out to drool over gorgeousness*

*wipes drool* Oh..where was I? Oh, yes.

This is just a little thank you for coming by and being curious.

Also, if you don't want to wait for linkys to appear in the places you find them. Follow me. I pop up in feeds and be like, "Hey, there. What up? Nothing. Oh, that's cool. You can read me if you like."

Again thank you and again I promise to bring it!

*god i can stop looking at this picture. i mean i google search this man all the time and this picture presents itself and im like DAY-UM! why is snark all sexy? i could go on for days about this picture. it's pretty bad.