Thursday, July 11

No Cardio for Lydi-o
12:31 PM

No Cardio for Lydi-o love exercising. It makes me feel wonderful afterwards and I feel like I have a new lease on life. That being said, I HATE cardio workouts.

My family is currently on a "let's go to the gym as a family" kick and because I have the time to spare and I like it as long as there isn't an obscene amount of people at the place.

But TODAY! OMG! I awoke at 7:30 to get dressed for an 8:30 workout class. My sister is really big on the classes and she's used to the kind of workout we did.

I downed a protein shake, because the one I have is delicious and if I don't have time to go grab food they fill me up until I can. That was mistake number one.

Number two: I'm a yogi! Yoga is my life as a workout. It's slow enough for me to get on the bandwagon and the hard stuff isn't that hard if my equilibrium wants to behave that day, so going from that kind of mind frame to what we did was intense.

Number three: If you ever see something called TRX, I really do recommend doing it. It's this cool suspension workout and it's really not that exasperating; just don't do a combo routine class. We had to do weightlifting (which two pounds on each side was too much for me and I lift 50 pound boxes at work ALL THE TIME; I think there's something wrong with me). Then there was this thing like push ups but not push ups, it was hard.

Point of my story: I got sick and I will stick to the elliptical or find an empty room to be my yogi self.
Also cheeseburgers are awesome (That was just an aside, because they really are. Eat more of them.).