Sunday, July 14

Facepalm all you want this is happening!!!!!!
12:00 PM

Facepalm all you want this is happening!!!!!!

One night I came home from work, got settled in my pjs, grabbed some dinner, and climbed into bed. I automatically switched it to Adult Swim to see if American Dad or Family Guy (my two staple go-to-bed-shows) were on. They weren't. So the channel flipping began and I landed on A&E.

This is when I discovered the wonderful Robertson clan.

(Go here to find out about them, because it'll take awhile.)

I became addicted. I knew of the show but never really watched it. So when I did, and Uncle Si opened his yap I fell in love with this rag tag crew of rednecks.

I don't hunt, I don't fish, I really don't associate myself with the outdoors that much. I want to, but I don't. However, I was raised in East Texas where this is the norm, so even if you don't do it you know how and what it is.

The Robertson clan only lives three hours away from me so I know the area, know the lifestyle, and etc. Anytime I watch or read something so close and relatable I LOVE it. But this was different. I don't like reality shows. I really loathe them, but something about this family just has me hooked.

I think it was Si singing some of the Humpty Dance that cemented it for me, or my fondness for Miss Kay and wanting everything that woman makes.

Plus they're good people. I've met people who have met them and they have nothing but good things to say about them.

So this is my explanation of my Duck Dynasty love affair. If it's Wednesday night and I don't have to work you will find me in front of my TV in my pjs peering into a world that I love and sometime secretly wish I was apart of.