Wednesday, August 28

Schooooolllll's Out for...oh wait...
12:11 PM

Schooooolllll's Out for...oh wait...

So, my continuing battle to get a piece of paper that proves my worth in this world continues. Year 4 of the Associate Degree. I'm going to get it this coming spring whether it kills me or not! *determine face*

But man this semester is already shaping up to be something and I'm taking grade boosting classes because of my work schedule. Craziness!

On that note: The Sapphires is crazy good. Everyone should see it. Also Friday I'm going to FINALLY see The World's End. I'm super excited about that. Full review on Saturday (of course that depends on if I see it Friday or not).

Thing I'm listening to: One Direction songs. Yeah, it happened. I'm a 1D fan. You knew it was eventually going to happen and now you have one of their songs in your head! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Another thing I'm doing is that I FINALLY am going to crack down and write the masterpiece novel that I have been wanting to write forever! Took forever to brainstorm it out and what not, but this year NaNoWriMo is going to be awesome!

I has the work to go to now so I leave you with this: