Friday, April 1

I finally did something that I said I was going to do in the time frame that I set! I'm so excited!

I have another blog to add to my little family of blogs I have going on over here. It's called Your Inner Octopus, and I am obsessed with how this one turned out. It got a little stressful thinking of a new way of creating a lifestyle blog that wasn't too personal but different from everything out there flooding the blog world.

Unfortunately that made me leave my plans for This Great Perhapsless in the dust. Hopefully by the middle of this month, but no later than the first of May, I can restore my poor book blog to it's former glory! But that is another goal for another day!

Please go check out the new thing and feel free to tell me what you think!!
My baby has launched!
9:12 AM

My baby has launched!

Monday, March 21

I thought I would give an update of progress as a mean of keeping myself in check and getting into the routine of habits I am trying to form, so that when I actually tell myself go soon that it will be "GO!" and not "GO! But then get sidetracked by all these other things that don't make you want to the thing in the first place anymore!".

-Secret/Not-so-secret project is going great. I have a back catalog of things and ideas that I can't wait to just explode with soon.

-Book blog is having a bit of a hiccup in my head, but I am focused and determined, so hopefully that hiccup is a speed bump that I can over come!

-I've been getting inspired hardcore lately by three things: 1) Michael Buckley's new personal vlogs that are chronicling his journey through trying to find balance in things and just going through this amazing adventure that is really inspiring to see and relate to; 2) WheezyWaiter, Craig Benzine, kind of same journey but different. His is more akin to what I want to accomplish: decluttering, weight-loss, personal goals that align to what he wants, etc. It's really awesome to see his new format and see him try to find his new niche and open himself to a lot of things. He's also one of my favorite YouTubers! (I've been watching him FOREVER!); and 3) these hella awesome self-help but not self-help books that are really inspiring and beautiful and real confidence boosters. The main ones that I'm hard core digging are: The Soul of an Octopus, YOU are a Badass, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and Bad Feminist (You can find these on the Amazons or the iBooks or the Bookstores! GO FIND BOOKS!). They are making me think and while I've always read books like this before it's different now. Maybe because I feel more determined to be taking care of myself in ways I've never had before to help my mental state or it's because I am now at that akward mid-20s stage of life where I just want to piece all these awesome pieces I got going on and put them together. It might be both, but that's what my secret project and my other things I'm doing are going to help me figure it out!

-Also I had a birthday so there's that. I'm old! Woo!

There! You have been updated! I can't wait to dive into my new ventures and I can't wait to show you them! Until then my dear friends!

UPDATE: I know what productivity is!
11:03 AM

UPDATE: I know what productivity is!

Tuesday, March 1

Happy March Comrades!

I feel it safe to blog again. I felt like blogging every time an awesome person died in January would get super depressing real fast, and I couldn't deal with how fast the cancer was grabbing everyone! If you know me you know how I felt about all the deaths that went down in the last two months, but to new and more beautiful things!

Now that I have more of a solid-ish routine down (a.k.a. I have more motivation than in the past), I am now buzzing around with thoughts and ideas and they NEED AN OUTLET!

Right now it has been culminating into the most simple knit blanket project in the history of knit blanket projects, but I need to ALL the things, so in order to do all the things I am going to make an infamous "Lydia's List of Declarations" list. So here that goes:

1) NEW PROJECT! I have discovered that I am becoming more and more obsessed with this certain design aesthetic that is kind of sort of being associated with my age range which I hate but I love it. The aesthetic is like that clean, modern, grey-scale prettiness that you see in a lot of fancy beauty bloggers have in their videos and blogs and homes and things like that. Again I'm obsessed and have always loved that kind of thing before it became like a very noticeable thing lately. I mention this because there's an idea floating in my head and I want to go through with this idea, but it needs some more tweaking and what not. April 1st is my goal to reveal this idea and hopefully it will be awesome and successful because I'm excited for it.

2) BOOK BLOG! I am going to completely re-brand my book blog. It's going to be a complete restart from scratch and will still hold some of my beloved reviews that I have done, but it will be more focused and mainly a way for me to get back into reading hardcore again. I miss reading and I think by doing this I can get to all those books out there that need love and voice my opinions on them just as a form of getting all my excitement or dislike out. I hope for this to get rolling on the first of April too.

3) GET ORGANIZED! I have been in Michigan since late October and the room that is currently holding all my things in it is a hot mess. Some stuff is still in boxes, and by some I mean it's still all the stuff that isn't my clothes. >< So, I would like to not live out of boxes. I love to be orgainzed and clean and neat. If I'm not I get stressed and tense and I don't like that because then the Pandora's box of things just opens and spirals and it gets cray!

4) HEALTH! I want health. I would feel better with the better health, but every time I get on the health bus something weird happens to where I can't do the healthing and it's annoying. So, here's to doing the health thing and hoping nothing gets in the way for the millionth time. I'm talking to you back. I can't do my yoga when you're being an ass.

I think this is a great small list to keep track of, and goes against my New Year Post with resolutions, but these are not resolutions. These are things to keep me in check more than like "OMG IT'S A NEW YEAR I GOT TO DO ALL THE THINGS THIS YEAR OR MY LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE!"

So, yeah. Life. Things. Motivation! GO!

(Here's an octopus painting because it's pretty and I have no photos of me that are cute right now)

Spring Cleaning of Sorts
11:00 AM

Spring Cleaning of Sorts

Monday, January 11

I haven't been feeling physically great lately. A lot of sinus and body issues that my body just wants to say screw everything and sleep it off. So, I slept for a long time this morning only to wake up to Neil kind of subtly text me before I did my post wake up look at the internet, that there was sad news awaiting me there.

My initial thought was that another one of my favorite elderly actors has gone away because it was their time, and there it was. My sister posted to my Facebook wall that my beloved David Bowie had lost his battle with cancer.

I still don't know what to think of it. 1) Cancer, in any form, is an awful bitch that needs to be irradiated from this earth; 2) I now live in a post-David Bowie world and I don't know what to do.

I know it's silly to be so upset over a celebrity's death like this, but David Bowie and his art were always there for me when I need it.

I was six when I first saw Labyrinth. It was at daycare and on glorious VHS. This was my first encounter with Bowie and I thought it was amazing. A few years passed and I could never remember the name of that movie but the fantastic performance that he gave always stuck with me and the songs! I would hum remnants of things that were foggy all the time and desperately search for this fantastical thing in small town Texas all the time. My family didn't have internet and it was still kind of a luxury at this point too, so I know it would have been so much faster to Google, but then I wouldn't have this story.

Then my pre-teen years came. At this point have discovered Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust, Under Pressure with Freddy Mercury, and of course recognizing him on the TV. Mainly just obsessing over this music that made me feel things and love things in my very angst-y pre-teen years.

I'm 13. VH1 has popped the lid way open on 80s nostalgia bombs. So much so my mom to this day has issues with watching John Cusack movies and The Princess Bride with me because they were on repeat in our house so much, but I'm happy they did because after of years of thinking I was a crazy person and that this wonderful thing that included beautiful songs and the imagery of Jim Henson creatures was just a fantastic fever dream: there it was. Labyrinth.

Now out of everything this man has done, he will always be Jareth the Goblin King. Beckoning Sarah to forget about the babe and be his Goblin Queen. I, like any girl who loves this movie, wanted to be Sarah more than anything and still do, but unlike Sarah, I would let my sibling go for that trade. I can say this because even though I do love my sister she knows this to be a thing.

Labyrinth is just so quintessential Bowie that it combines everything you love about him and his art together. You get the fantastical over the top persona that is Jareth, you get the amazing pop/rock songs, you get the ballads all with the theme of other worldly-ness, yes some of this is Henson too, but if you have seen the behind the scenes footage of this (and I have, mainly due to the fact I own three versions of the DVD) it's so both of them and that's why this speaks to me more.

My parent's generation has Ziggy Stardust for that, which was a pure Bowie thing, but I have this and I see this version of him in all his work. I love him for being so transcendental. I love him for being the weirdo and it was okay to be that because that meant I could be the weirdo.

Simon Pegg tweeted out the best response this morning: "If you're sad today, just remember the world is 40 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie."

So this is my Bowie story to add to the numerous Bowie stories out there.

I know I will never be known the way he was. I know I will never create amazing art the way he did, but I know that I'm glad to have been in a world that I got to know this.

Another one to the pile (R.I.P. David Bowie)
11:14 AM

Another one to the pile (R.I.P. David Bowie)

Wednesday, January 6

So 2015 happened...Now we're in 2016!

That went fast. Last year was pretty awesome mainly because I actually socialized for once outside of work and then, oh yeah, I MOVED! I still can't believe that I did it, and not like to another city within the vast state that is Texas, I MOVED TO ANOTHER STATE!

So far, so good. I'm loving Michigan. Of course I lucked out and we are not having a terrible winter that I hear tales of but it is significantly colder and it's cool and what not.

I am also loving spending almost everyday with Neil. It's wonderful and feels like we've been physically together in the same space forever. I love it.

I can't wait for things to happen this year mainly because dates and exploring things and figuring out the stuff that is being an adult in another state, but it's going to be great because I have plans! I have no idea what these plans are but I got them!

I'm going to steal this idea (but stretch it for a week because I got sick on Monday and because I work in retail things are weird) from Lindsay DeFranco (An awesome blogger person/Philip DeFranco's awesome wifey that I admire! Go here for adorable vlogs of her and her little one who makes me smile and wish that all babies were this baby.) of taking a buffer day. Just a nice reset from the old year to the new year. I'm going to get organized and maybe unpack more of my things, but mainly get all of my clothes into proper places because I know he doesn't say it but I know my clothes being ALL over the place probably bother Neil. I know it bothers me.

Most importantly I want to figure out me. I got the guy. I got the sweet job. I know the road I kind of want to go down, but I want to make sure that it's it. It has a lot having to do with getting out of my comfort shell a bit, not too much (I'm not a crazy person. I like comfort. Have you seen how many comfy sweaters I own?! It's a LOT!).

So, I'm not going to make a resolution per se (<< Also totally used that word wrong but I like how it sounds and I'm going to keep it.). I want to figure out: Hey, I'm happy finally. What's going to keep me here? Whether that be finally reading ALLLLLL of my TBR pile of books or doing art again or just keeping up the exercising thing. I want to stay in this peaceful bubble of majority stress-free bliss that I have finally achieved.

So, achieve your bliss peeps and/or watch me maintain mine guys.

Happy New Year!

Since this post is very text oriented here's this. Also shout out to how accurate the photo manip is to the end result of Benedict being Doctor Strange! Speaking of Benedict: Sherlock Special! OMG! But that's another post. ><

Happy New Year and stuff...maybe? Yes!
11:14 AM

Happy New Year and stuff...maybe? Yes!

Tuesday, December 1

SOOOO much has gone down in the past month and I can't believe it's been a month!

New job happened and it's going well. First Thanksgiving with the boyfriend happened and it was a wonderful success with duck and potatoes and parades and breakfasts oh and Daredevil (I'm in love with Daredevil! Vincent D'onofrio makes me want to give all the hugs to him and want Kingpin turn into the most wonderful antihero ever)! I can't wait for more! Also first Michigan Snow!!!!! That was fun.

So, really not a lot happened but it's the big things that make it feel like that a lot happened.

Now that I know what things have in store for me I can probably get all settled into a routine again. I like routines. They make me feel centered.

And with that I leave you with picture things of food and happy things!

Recap accomplished!

Holy Crap! A Recap of November
11:33 AM

Holy Crap! A Recap of November

Friday, November 6

This album has only been out for a bit, but Lin-Manuel Miranda has out done himself this round. He's the main force from In The Heights a few years back and now created one of my new top favorite musicals ever. I love it! Go find it and listen to it forever. Also in the middle of reading the book it's based on it's brilliant too.
#fridayjams (2)
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#fridayjams (2)