Friday, November 6

This album has only been out for a bit, but Lin-Manuel Miranda has out done himself this round. He's the main force from In The Heights a few years back and now created one of my new top favorite musicals ever. I love it! Go find it and listen to it forever. Also in the middle of reading the book it's based on it's brilliant too.
#fridayjams (2)
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#fridayjams (2)

Wednesday, November 4

I love that NASA just put out the biggest job ad out there today.

I assume, because the lovely Charles Bolden didn't come out and say it but basically did, it's because they have an astronaut shortage. NASA wants to do cool shit! They need bodies! Why would you not want to be one?!

If I actually majored in the things that are required I would totally find a way to get my fear of heights out of the way and get my butt up there, but alas art major (That's what I went to school for lately right? Art? By the way on major change #3. ><).

So, if you meet the requirements, and haven't heard 20 million other people freak out like I am over this, go do it! They start taking everybody's entries next month so polish off those resumes and get physically fit-ish!

Go, space things, go!

(Also, I will be your personal Earth cheerleader if you succeed in making it into the program!)

Picture: This is Samantha Cristoforetti and she, next to the Kelly brothers, is my favorite astronaut! This is a screenshot of her showing you how to use the bathroom. My favorite video is of her showing you how they shower up there. She does other videos but I'm five and I like knowing weird stuff! >< Also I know she's not NASA but they all know and respect each other up there so no big whoop!

NASA needs Astronauts!
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NASA needs Astronauts!

Tuesday, November 3

I have officially been in Michigan the longest I have ever been!

It's still a little surreal, but I think I'm in my bubble space still a bit. To be honest I don't want my bubble to burst, so we're going to pretend that is not a possibility and pray that it never will!

Also, employment has been gained! I'm really excited about that. There were not any upper retail management positions available when I started looking, but I have part-time key-holding position at Francesca's now. It's a step down, but they know I'm in it to win it and I am determined to show 'em what I got to move up their ladder. I start next week and the beautiful bonus of this location is that 1) literally next door to Starbuck's, 2) no awful Thanksgiving/Black Friday hours!, and 3) the latest they close period is 8pm!!! Crazy talk I know but it's going to be wonderful. I can't wait to start!

Official dating life, when we can, is also quite lovely. I like it.

Boxes are halfway being undone, so there's that.

Until other things of thought come!

Officially settled!
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Officially settled!

Saturday, October 17

I did it!

On Wednesday, I got my very tired butt up at five in the morning and proceeded to the airport courtesy of my grandparents to start my journey. It was really hard especially saying good-bye to the fur babies. There was serious talk of sneaking Buttons into my backpack and if anyone asked he was going to be my therapy animal, but Mom did not think that was a great idea. Plus, Mom needs Buttons to balance the crazy that is Earline sometimes. ><

It's Pops from Regular Show! ><
I did get to draw on a pumpkin before I left though! Mom has to have some kind of Halloween decoration up because I know she'll go straight into just fall things with out it!

Both of my flights were long and of course nauseating because I don't do traveling well. Never have never will and this was with meds too! 

Luckily, the end result was coming to my new home to a bed and naps because my beloved had to work all day so naps were naturally what would happen.

The next day was good. A lot of snuggle catching up and then I became a work tag-a-long because he was showing Hook at work and I love that movie a lot so why not! That was fun.

Yesterday was filled with scoping out places to work. Ugh, how I don't want that to happen, but apparently it is an necessity. I have a couple of places I'm thinking about, but the real challenge is my head and not to live there while trying to do this job searching thing.

Today, was a lazy day filled with rabbit hole of TV catching up and then a really good documentary about the mid-80s/early-90s Disney movies called, "Waking Sleeping Beauty". I highly recommend it to my Disney-phile friends and relatives who love that kind of thing.

So, that was my half a week of a new thing. It feels like vacation still because that's when I used to be able to come up here and enjoy things. I'm excited to do things and see where they go.

Snow is coming. I'm excited. I just hope my things come before it decides to become SNOW!!!!

From 90 degrees to freezing my butt off...well not yet at least
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From 90 degrees to freezing my butt off...well not yet at least

Monday, July 27

Happiness is new books! Already posted the newness yesterday on Instagram, but I'm too excited about these four! If you want to follow my progress we should be Goodreads friends, or slink on over to my book blog. It's going through a bit of a revival period again because I haven't been able to find the balance between all things personal and carving out time for my book reading. But excuse the dust and spread the word!
New Books!!!
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New Books!!!

Friday, July 24

Happy Paper Towns the Movie Day!!!!! Can't wait for the Q fangirling and all the Black Santa love!

Best track: "Used to Haunt" by The Mountain Goats.
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Tuesday, July 21

Found a post on Pintrest that is called The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. It's basically a HUGE list of books either read or referenced by Rory during the WHOLE run of Gilmore Girls. I'm going to turn it into the books that I have read and haven't read list since we all know I read a lot. Also, I feel very old school LiveJournal days with this post and I needed to share with the world this! So, the ones in blue are the ones I have read and of course the others have not been read yet.

The list (Count for me please. It was a lot of books and majority were read before I was 18 so there's a truth of my anti-social-ness):

This is a thing...
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This is a thing...