Tuesday, July 22

Benedict as Turing and More Guardians of the Galaxy!

Despite my really shitty day, I have all of this week and next week to figure out some really hard core crap before I go on vacation. At least I had these two things as a great distraction:

1) Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be the amazing Alan Turing in a movie this fall that I hope comes to my crap hole of a town:

And 2) A legit full five minutes of what I consider the best thing in the Marvel Universe period that is now turned movie:

I love Guardians of the Galaxy too much. The story is just my cup of tea and it's not based at home (Earth) like almost every mainstream Marvel line with the exception of Thor. Which by the way: Thor becoming a chick is amazing. I hate the reason behind it. Instead of saying why not because that creed is gender neutral, they go and say we want more women to read our shit. By the way Marvel: WOMEN READ YOUR SHIT REGARDLESS! So yeah. Google the sources if you want, but here's my favorite of the concept art.

Now to cleanse my Marvel rant with some DC love:

Oh Geoff Johns, why are you putting your name on The Flash. It better be as awesome as Flashpoint and not depressing like my Green Lantern movie, which yeah you have a lot to make up for! It was AWFUL! I could have overlooked some of the crap in there but no! I'm now never going to get my everyone against Sinestro Corps movie like was hinted because you wanted to throw EVERYTHING about Green Lantern into one movie. Batman and Superman can get away with it because people who don't read comics know them. They don't know my Hal that much. Also I can't remember if the Justice League movie is going to have John Stewart, but if they do they better make him AMAZING!

So, that was deterred aggression. I'm going to re-watch this episode of The Colbert Report so I can get to the newest episode of @Midnight because Paul and Storm are going to be on my TV along with Mike Phirman. I'm excited.

Good night and good morning. Good day and good afternoon.

Monday, July 14

I'm back for good....I swear!

So, yeah it's July and a LOT has happened since I last wrote stuff over here. But in my kind of assisted numb state I'm gonna make promises, and I'm gonna keep them this time. One, for example is to blog every freaking day. No matter what (unless some freaky emergency happens and then I will tell you later if I can). I know I say this everytime I disappear for awhile, but I'm tired of not creating shit when I have thoughts or need to vent.

Two, I don't know what two involves but I know whiskey is involved and I'm five so *teehee* two.

For some reason I have gone blank. I had a whole manifesto to share and I guess pure exaughstion has gotten to me and the dance music playing in the background is so wonderfully entrancing that I may have gotten caught up in it (for the curious it's M83's Midnight City).

Onto another thought.

I love the internet.

Also I love Guardians of the Galaxy.

I love Chris Pratt.

I also love my best friend and the only person, majority of the times, that gets me with just a few words, Neil.

I love Twitter.

I love lovefests.

I wish I was a better friend.

But then again it's not like I want my anxieties take over, but they just do, so I become a crappy friend who is anti-social until she gets on Twitter and thinks she's a rock star! Then people like Joel Watson will glance at his Twitter feed and grace me with a tweet of thanks because I supported a wonderful thing that he does. Or that one time Brian Brushwood said if I asked nicely I could have one of his awesome unicorn shirts. Or just be acknowledged by amazing people that have been brought together by one thing and have lasting bonds over silly things and pick up conversations like it was five years ago.

I hate that I'm better friends with my internet friends than real life friends, but sometimes it's just easier for someone who hates meeting new people to meet new people and experience amazing things and bear witness to history.

So that was a tangent.

Today is a day that I just have feels because people put them there. So, I leave you with this and bid you good night as I listen to the wonderful Kumail Nanjiani's podcast about The X-Files:

Friday, February 7

Cumberbatch Fridays are back!

You thought they were gone but oh no, they're back!

*stares into your soul*


The Past Month

So, school has been put on pause for the millionth time and I'm okay with this, but with the holiday season over, January ended up sucking really bad for me.
I decided: "Hey I'm going to be positive with all the free time on my hands and actually do my resolutions: read more, exercise more, post on my blogs more, etc." The first two weeks were going great. I had a whole workout routine going on. I was eating right for the first time in forever and was finally feeling amazing.

Then the wall started to build itself up.

My winter doldrums decided to come out of the woodwork and depress the hell out of me. I didn't want to do anything. I lied in bed not even wanting to read the looming stack of books next to me. I felt a little better when work was basically the only thing getting me out of the house, but I still felt crappy.

I know I should have called up one of my remaining friends in the area and do something, but I didn't and still unfortunately want human interaction.

I hate that I get this way a few times out of the year. At least at this point in the year, even though I love it, I can blame it on the weather.

But, soon all will be well because hopefully it will stay warm for awhile until the tornadoes decide that they want the public platform and that just means a crap ton of rain soon and this song and dance may or may not resume!

For now all I can do is avoid the news, root for the Russian and Canadian figure skating teams (because their skating makes this emo girl cry like no ones business), and hide under my blankie and read books.

An aside: Have you been watching "Don't Trust Andrew Mayne"? Because that show is awesome. If you like well done illusions and don't mind really crappy reality show plot lines it's great!

By the way: This is just a rant of things I needed to get off my chest. I just get this way time to time and I know how to deal with it, so just letting you know: I'm okay.

Friday, October 18

Cumberbatch Friday (7)

What?! I deprived you of Ben last week?! Let's resolve this with TWO Ben pictures shall I?


The only man in uniform that does anything for me!
ALSO! October is the month for the Cumberbatch! The Fifth Estate, 12 Years A Slave, and I don't remember if August: Osage County is this month or next, but more Benny!!!!!!! <3 So, you know what is going down for Lydia this tail end of the year!

Tuesday, October 15

Escape from Tomorrow or Cat Flu is someting no one wants

I am a regular listener of the podcast Doug Loves Movies. A couple of weeks ago he had this guy by the name of Roy Abramsohn on. When Doug was doing intros, no one knew who he was either, but starts describing one of the most awesome movies that I only wish I had come up with and had money to do myself.

Basically the need to know was: It's a David Lynch family trip to Disney World.

That had me hooked! I love David Lynch type movies and I love Disney World! Now this movie is only really gaining momentum in the press because it was shot entirely gurriella style with a normal camera that they would allow at Disney World which is completely forbidden (Mainly because it's hella expensive to do that and Disney in their right mind would not allow it. By the way Disney let them release it and aren't charging them anything, so Disney isn't the bad guys you think they are).

The whole premise of the movie: Jim, played by Abramsohn (who if you look at his IMDB profile is that guy who is so familiar and in everything and by everything if you watched Weeds you know who he is!), finds out that he got fired from his job on the last day of his family vacation at Disney World. With that damper on the day, he still has to go through the process of the duties of a family at Disney World, deal with cranky kids, long lines, etc.
From the moment they enter the park and through out the day he notices that a bunch of people are sick (Cat Flu. Trust me the scariest part of the movie involves it!) and these two cute French girls. By the way he looks at them you know that his marriage isn't the best and that he's kind of a perv. These girls are like 15/16 years old! While going through the park he starts noticing strange things that are very subtle but Randy Moore (director by the way) repeats it enough to where you eventually get it.

From there it really just depicts this guy unraveling in the most wonderful way and you just jump in there and experience it for yourself.

I really don't want to say anymore except that it twists and turns are so brilliant and so amazing that there is a reason that this is going to be a cult hit!

A couple of downsides, but completely understandable: Space Mountain. Jim and his son Elliot follow the cute French girls on to Space Mountain at Disneyland (They had to shoot at both parks for reasons.). They don't say that this ride in particular is Space Mountain, but there is a sign clearly stating it. I say this because in the next scene they make a big deal about going on Space Mountain. This time it's clearly the one at Disney World. I just point this out because it's only something that either 1) people who have been to both parks know that they are designed completely different or 2) you, like me, like finding continuity errors (I do both).

Another downside is the pace. It is very slow at the beginning, but then again the movie is a grand total 1hour 30 minutes. So it had that going for it.

Luckily if this movie is not in theaters near you it is available on VOD and iTunes (which is how I saw it).

I love movies like this one and there needs to be more. I can't wait to see what Randy Moore has up his sleeve next!

Friday, October 4

Cumberbatch Friday (6)

I retweeted this a couple weeks ago, but IT'S BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH RECITING MY FAVORITE KEATS POEM!!!! (I'm not a fangirl. *cough cough*)

Enjoy. =D