Happiness is new books! Already posted the newness yesterday on Instagram, but I'm too excited about these four! If you want to follow my progress we should be Goodreads friends, or slink on over to my book blog. It's going through a bit of a revival period again because I haven't been able to find the balance between all things personal and carving out time for my book reading. But excuse the dust and spread the word!

Happy Paper Towns the Movie Day!!!!! Can't wait for the Q fangirling and all the Black Santa love!

Best track: "Used to Haunt" by The Mountain Goats.
Found a post on Pintrest that is called The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. It's basically a HUGE list of books either read or referenced by Rory during the WHOLE run of Gilmore Girls. I'm going to turn it into the books that I have read and haven't read list since we all know I read a lot. Also, I feel very old school LiveJournal days with this post and I needed to share with the world this! So, the ones in blue are the ones I have read and of course the others have not been read yet.

The list (Count for me please. It was a lot of books and majority were read before I was 18 so there's a truth of my anti-social-ness):

I can be a girl. I like fall fashion. I like to pretend that I'm 5'9" and can wear things. I like shoes. Things.

Gonna see if I can blog everyday in September and be super focused and just chat. If I have nothing there will be a picture with a comment, and let's face it: that's what half this blog is!

To make up for the first and second days, I'm just gonna flood today with THREE POSTS!!! *dundundunnnnnnnnnnn*

SO! *plops down on your bed, because I assume you're in you bed, like the bestie I am* Hi! How are you?! I'm doing fantastic!

You: "What the hell?"

Me: "Don't complain! You know you love it!"

You: *shrugs and let's me be*

This is how I assume things and play them out in my head. My head is a dangerous place where things go down weird.

Have I professed my love for Kumail Nanjiani? Because I feel like everyone should know my love for him and his wife Emily. They're like Wil and Anne Wheaton but even nerdier and more adorable!

"But, Lydia," you ask, "how can anybody be more adorable than Wil and Anne Wheaton?!"

Good question! And I answer your question by directing you to this >>>> LINK <<<< from an episode of @Midnight they did together! It's definitely worth the 30 minutes to watch!


Yeah. You gonna help me do this? Are you? You better. I got a determine face going on over here. I know you see this tweet or on Facebook, so yeah. Yeahhhhh.....*gives knowing look that you aren't so now I have to set calendar reminders all over the place*

Things that I have done since I last talked to you:

1) See my loverly!

He's such a cutie! How did I land such a cutie?!
2) Watched Guardians of the Galaxy four times. That's right. You heard me. FOUR TIMES! Worth it!

3) Became jobless.

4) Started being the resident Whovian fangirl over this-a-way.

5) Swooned over Peter Capaldi twice now and also questioned Moffat's head.


6) Got jealous of my boyfriend because he got to go to Dragon*Con with out me because I decided to be responsible and not runaway to Atlanta, so yeah....he got to see things.

7) Watched 75% of Every Simpsons Episode Ever. Thank you FXX.

8) Got extremely sick for a week. It was gross.

9) Watch Benedict Cumberbatch win an Emmy and for the first time ever HE WASN'T THERE!

And, 10) I missed you! *hugs lappy*

So, yeah stuff.

Despite my really shitty day, I have all of this week and next week to figure out some really hard core crap before I go on vacation. At least I had these two things as a great distraction:

1) Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be the amazing Alan Turing in a movie this fall that I hope comes to my crap hole of a town:

And 2) A legit full five minutes of what I consider the best thing in the Marvel Universe period that is now turned movie:

I love Guardians of the Galaxy too much. The story is just my cup of tea and it's not based at home (Earth) like almost every mainstream Marvel line with the exception of Thor. Which by the way: Thor becoming a chick is amazing. I hate the reason behind it. Instead of saying why not because that creed is gender neutral, they go and say we want more women to read our shit. By the way Marvel: WOMEN READ YOUR SHIT REGARDLESS! So yeah. Google the sources if you want, but here's my favorite of the concept art.

Now to cleanse my Marvel rant with some DC love:

Oh Geoff Johns, why are you putting your name on The Flash. It better be as awesome as Flashpoint and not depressing like my Green Lantern movie, which yeah you have a lot to make up for! It was AWFUL! I could have overlooked some of the crap in there but no! I'm now never going to get my everyone against Sinestro Corps movie like was hinted because you wanted to throw EVERYTHING about Green Lantern into one movie. Batman and Superman can get away with it because people who don't read comics know them. They don't know my Hal that much. Also I can't remember if the Justice League movie is going to have John Stewart, but if they do they better make him AMAZING!

So, that was deterred aggression. I'm going to re-watch this episode of The Colbert Report so I can get to the newest episode of @Midnight because Paul and Storm are going to be on my TV along with Mike Phirman. I'm excited.

Good night and good morning. Good day and good afternoon.

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