Sunday, February 5

#52ListsProject Winter: List Six
8:20 PM

#52ListsProject Winter: List Six

The list:
-Bubble Baths
-All day dates
-Eating AMAZING food
-Going to my favorite boutiques
-Relaxing at a park or a beach
-Going to the zoo
I can't believe it's been six weeks into the new year and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I shouldn't feel like that because I have achieved so much in so little time, but it is hard to realize that sometimes when you're caught up in the frenzy of life.

I've already restarted trying to get my routine down a bit this past week, but it's always good not get stuck in a rut with routines. I'm notorious for doing this because I'm so focused on trying to get the routine down pat, that I forget that it's okay to step out of line with that routine. I'm going to try to keep interjecting these easy pleasures into my weeks to make my life not too mundane. Hopefully I can keep it up!