Friday, February 7

The Past Month
3:22 PM

The Past Month

So, school has been put on pause for the millionth time and I'm okay with this, but with the holiday season over, January ended up sucking really bad for me.
I decided: "Hey I'm going to be positive with all the free time on my hands and actually do my resolutions: read more, exercise more, post on my blogs more, etc." The first two weeks were going great. I had a whole workout routine going on. I was eating right for the first time in forever and was finally feeling amazing.

Then the wall started to build itself up.

My winter doldrums decided to come out of the woodwork and depress the hell out of me. I didn't want to do anything. I lied in bed not even wanting to read the looming stack of books next to me. I felt a little better when work was basically the only thing getting me out of the house, but I still felt crappy.

I know I should have called up one of my remaining friends in the area and do something, but I didn't and still unfortunately want human interaction.

I hate that I get this way a few times out of the year. At least at this point in the year, even though I love it, I can blame it on the weather.

But, soon all will be well because hopefully it will stay warm for awhile until the tornadoes decide that they want the public platform and that just means a crap ton of rain soon and this song and dance may or may not resume!

For now all I can do is avoid the news, root for the Russian and Canadian figure skating teams (because their skating makes this emo girl cry like no ones business), and hide under my blankie and read books.

An aside: Have you been watching "Don't Trust Andrew Mayne"? Because that show is awesome. If you like well done illusions and don't mind really crappy reality show plot lines it's great!

By the way: This is just a rant of things I needed to get off my chest. I just get this way time to time and I know how to deal with it, so just letting you know: I'm okay.