Tuesday, November 3

Officially settled!
8:31 PM

Officially settled!

I have officially been in Michigan the longest I have ever been!

It's still a little surreal, but I think I'm in my bubble space still a bit. To be honest I don't want my bubble to burst, so we're going to pretend that is not a possibility and pray that it never will!

Also, employment has been gained! I'm really excited about that. There were not any upper retail management positions available when I started looking, but I have part-time key-holding position at Francesca's now. It's a step down, but they know I'm in it to win it and I am determined to show 'em what I got to move up their ladder. I start next week and the beautiful bonus of this location is that 1) literally next door to Starbuck's, 2) no awful Thanksgiving/Black Friday hours!, and 3) the latest they close period is 8pm!!! Crazy talk I know but it's going to be wonderful. I can't wait to start!

Official dating life, when we can, is also quite lovely. I like it.

Boxes are halfway being undone, so there's that.

Until other things of thought come!