Wednesday, November 4

NASA needs Astronauts!
1:50 PM

NASA needs Astronauts!

I love that NASA just put out the biggest job ad out there today.

I assume, because the lovely Charles Bolden didn't come out and say it but basically did, it's because they have an astronaut shortage. NASA wants to do cool shit! They need bodies! Why would you not want to be one?!

If I actually majored in the things that are required I would totally find a way to get my fear of heights out of the way and get my butt up there, but alas art major (That's what I went to school for lately right? Art? By the way on major change #3. ><).

So, if you meet the requirements, and haven't heard 20 million other people freak out like I am over this, go do it! They start taking everybody's entries next month so polish off those resumes and get physically fit-ish!

Go, space things, go!

(Also, I will be your personal Earth cheerleader if you succeed in making it into the program!)

Picture: This is Samantha Cristoforetti and she, next to the Kelly brothers, is my favorite astronaut! This is a screenshot of her showing you how to use the bathroom. My favorite video is of her showing you how they shower up there. She does other videos but I'm five and I like knowing weird stuff! >< Also I know she's not NASA but they all know and respect each other up there so no big whoop!