Wednesday, September 3

"Yo' Adrienne!"
3:44 PM

"Yo' Adrienne!"

Things that I have done since I last talked to you:

1) See my loverly!

He's such a cutie! How did I land such a cutie?!
2) Watched Guardians of the Galaxy four times. That's right. You heard me. FOUR TIMES! Worth it!

3) Became jobless.

4) Started being the resident Whovian fangirl over this-a-way.

5) Swooned over Peter Capaldi twice now and also questioned Moffat's head.


6) Got jealous of my boyfriend because he got to go to Dragon*Con with out me because I decided to be responsible and not runaway to Atlanta, so yeah....he got to see things.

7) Watched 75% of Every Simpsons Episode Ever. Thank you FXX.

8) Got extremely sick for a week. It was gross.

9) Watch Benedict Cumberbatch win an Emmy and for the first time ever HE WASN'T THERE!

And, 10) I missed you! *hugs lappy*

So, yeah stuff.