Wednesday, May 1

Hallo! Welcome! This is my blog space thing.
12:00 PM

Hallo! Welcome! This is my blog space thing.

First post! First post!

That's all I have. No more for the day. Unless you enjoyed my countdown to this day and were expecting some thing HUGE! Naw. I save that stuff for other occasions, like fangirling.

I haven't figured out what I want to do with this yet. I do know that I'm bringing over from the other incarnation of this blog the what I am currently listening to thing. Because I'm always listening to something while I'm doing the blogging or the life livin'.

So today I am listening to the WONDERFUL Tom Merritt and Molly Wood's podcast: It's A Thing.

It's worth a listen and they're only on episode nine, so hop on to the bandwagon so we can be all legit hipstery and what-not together.

By the way just to get it out of the way: I'm not a hipster, so don't call me one. I genuinely like stuff. I don't front and just because I kinda like that style doesn't mean I am one, so we can nip that in the butt right away.

Also, Jonathan Coulton, right?! It's only right that I have his wonderful song that is about this wonderful Wednesday.

So, this is the first post. 

I am making a promise right here and now is to be consistant with this one! I'm notorious for starting these things and never finishing, but this time I will follow through!

Welll....I have nothing else, so till tomorrow!!!!!!!!