Monday, July 14

I'm back for good....I swear!
1:47 AM

I'm back for good....I swear!

So, yeah it's July and a LOT has happened since I last wrote stuff over here. But in my kind of assisted numb state I'm gonna make promises, and I'm gonna keep them this time. One, for example is to blog every freaking day. No matter what (unless some freaky emergency happens and then I will tell you later if I can). I know I say this everytime I disappear for awhile, but I'm tired of not creating shit when I have thoughts or need to vent.

Two, I don't know what two involves but I know whiskey is involved and I'm five so *teehee* two.

For some reason I have gone blank. I had a whole manifesto to share and I guess pure exaughstion has gotten to me and the dance music playing in the background is so wonderfully entrancing that I may have gotten caught up in it (for the curious it's M83's Midnight City).

Onto another thought.

I love the internet.

Also I love Guardians of the Galaxy.

I love Chris Pratt.

I also love my best friend and the only person, majority of the times, that gets me with just a few words, Neil.

I love Twitter.

I love lovefests.

I wish I was a better friend.

But then again it's not like I want my anxieties take over, but they just do, so I become a crappy friend who is anti-social until she gets on Twitter and thinks she's a rock star! Then people like Joel Watson will glance at his Twitter feed and grace me with a tweet of thanks because I supported a wonderful thing that he does. Or that one time Brian Brushwood said if I asked nicely I could have one of his awesome unicorn shirts. Or just be acknowledged by amazing people that have been brought together by one thing and have lasting bonds over silly things and pick up conversations like it was five years ago.

I hate that I'm better friends with my internet friends than real life friends, but sometimes it's just easier for someone who hates meeting new people to meet new people and experience amazing things and bear witness to history.

So that was a tangent.

Today is a day that I just have feels because people put them there. So, I leave you with this and bid you good night as I listen to the wonderful Kumail Nanjiani's podcast about The X-Files: