Friday, April 1

My baby has launched!
9:12 AM

My baby has launched!

I finally did something that I said I was going to do in the time frame that I set! I'm so excited!

I have another blog to add to my little family of blogs I have going on over here. It's called Your Inner Octopus, and I am obsessed with how this one turned out. It got a little stressful thinking of a new way of creating a lifestyle blog that wasn't too personal but different from everything out there flooding the blog world.

Unfortunately that made me leave my plans for This Great Perhapsless in the dust. Hopefully by the middle of this month, but no later than the first of May, I can restore my poor book blog to it's former glory! But that is another goal for another day!

Please go check out the new thing and feel free to tell me what you think!!