Saturday, January 28

#52ListsProject Winter- List One
9:48 PM

#52ListsProject Winter- List One

I work at a store that sells cute tchotchkes as well as clothing, and one day we got this book in before the end of 2016 was upon us. I didn't really know it was a big thing until I looked up the hashtag that they suggest to use so you know who else is doing this project. Essentially it is a book that takes you week by week making lists to help you journal out thoughts, life goals, etc.

I personally thought it was a fun list book that was a prettier way of obtaining goals. Little did I know that it was a journaling inspiration book despite the fact it says that on the cover.

So with that new knowledge in mind I've decided to partake in the actual journaling part as a way to keep up my writing skills and just relax with it.

I'm a bit late in starting this so the first three lists may come simultaneously in order to catch up.

Here we go!

The list:

-Have a home that is mine and Neil’s
-Be a LOT healthier
-Pay 75% of my student loans
-Go home for a bit
-Stay organized
-Have my blog be a tiny success
-Be Assistant Manager or Store Manager
-Venture out more
-Do at least 2 things out of my comfort zone
-Keep up with this project

For the sake of taking baby steps, I’ve mainly picked health, comfort zone, venturing, and new home as my main goals I want to accomplish. When I first wrote this list I was worried I would have to seek out other places of employment for my assistant manager goals to be achieved, but last week I was promoted after only a year working for my store! This made me so happy! I love my store and my team too much to leave it so I guess I can cross that one off the books!

 I’ve been doing the health thing to the best of my ability. Setting reminders on my phone are really helping me be accountable for keeping track of my food and exercise. Luckily it’s working this time and nothing has interfered. 

As for comfort zone and venturing out more, knowing me is knowing these are almost the same thing. I don’t like being around people or areas that I’m uncomfortable with. This could be the movie theater, on the bus, anything that seems normal freaks me out to a degree. On the other hand, I really do love being by myself too. I don’t want to have to rely on Neil being with me on every adventure I take. So getting out and working against that weird feeling I get in my stomach will help easy that particular anxiety down a bit and I don’t feel like I’m cooped up all the time at home.

The new home thing, is going to be hard for me. I just moved up here resulting in the best move I’ve made in a long time, but I want my next move to be my final move. I don’t want a transitional place before that, but it’s hard. After the bubble burst, houses were SO cheap up here. Now, that everyone has settled back down and everything seems normal again, they inflated like crazy. I just want a cute little house to call my own and share it with my guy. Hopefully, we find a great place soon. It doesn’t have to be this year. No pressure.

Hopefully I can get all of this list crossed off this year! We’ll see!