Tuesday, March 1

Spring Cleaning of Sorts
11:00 AM

Spring Cleaning of Sorts

Happy March Comrades!

I feel it safe to blog again. I felt like blogging every time an awesome person died in January would get super depressing real fast, and I couldn't deal with how fast the cancer was grabbing everyone! If you know me you know how I felt about all the deaths that went down in the last two months, but to new and more beautiful things!

Now that I have more of a solid-ish routine down (a.k.a. I have more motivation than in the past), I am now buzzing around with thoughts and ideas and they NEED AN OUTLET!

Right now it has been culminating into the most simple knit blanket project in the history of knit blanket projects, but I need to ALL the things, so in order to do all the things I am going to make an infamous "Lydia's List of Declarations" list. So here that goes:

1) NEW PROJECT! I have discovered that I am becoming more and more obsessed with this certain design aesthetic that is kind of sort of being associated with my age range which I hate but I love it. The aesthetic is like that clean, modern, grey-scale prettiness that you see in a lot of fancy beauty bloggers have in their videos and blogs and homes and things like that. Again I'm obsessed and have always loved that kind of thing before it became like a very noticeable thing lately. I mention this because there's an idea floating in my head and I want to go through with this idea, but it needs some more tweaking and what not. April 1st is my goal to reveal this idea and hopefully it will be awesome and successful because I'm excited for it.

2) BOOK BLOG! I am going to completely re-brand my book blog. It's going to be a complete restart from scratch and will still hold some of my beloved reviews that I have done, but it will be more focused and mainly a way for me to get back into reading hardcore again. I miss reading and I think by doing this I can get to all those books out there that need love and voice my opinions on them just as a form of getting all my excitement or dislike out. I hope for this to get rolling on the first of April too.

3) GET ORGANIZED! I have been in Michigan since late October and the room that is currently holding all my things in it is a hot mess. Some stuff is still in boxes, and by some I mean it's still all the stuff that isn't my clothes. >< So, I would like to not live out of boxes. I love to be orgainzed and clean and neat. If I'm not I get stressed and tense and I don't like that because then the Pandora's box of things just opens and spirals and it gets cray!

4) HEALTH! I want health. I would feel better with the better health, but every time I get on the health bus something weird happens to where I can't do the healthing and it's annoying. So, here's to doing the health thing and hoping nothing gets in the way for the millionth time. I'm talking to you back. I can't do my yoga when you're being an ass.

I think this is a great small list to keep track of, and goes against my New Year Post with resolutions, but these are not resolutions. These are things to keep me in check more than like "OMG IT'S A NEW YEAR I GOT TO DO ALL THE THINGS THIS YEAR OR MY LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE!"

So, yeah. Life. Things. Motivation! GO!

(Here's an octopus painting because it's pretty and I have no photos of me that are cute right now)