Wednesday, January 6

Happy New Year and stuff...maybe? Yes!
11:14 AM

Happy New Year and stuff...maybe? Yes!

So 2015 happened...Now we're in 2016!

That went fast. Last year was pretty awesome mainly because I actually socialized for once outside of work and then, oh yeah, I MOVED! I still can't believe that I did it, and not like to another city within the vast state that is Texas, I MOVED TO ANOTHER STATE!

So far, so good. I'm loving Michigan. Of course I lucked out and we are not having a terrible winter that I hear tales of but it is significantly colder and it's cool and what not.

I am also loving spending almost everyday with Neil. It's wonderful and feels like we've been physically together in the same space forever. I love it.

I can't wait for things to happen this year mainly because dates and exploring things and figuring out the stuff that is being an adult in another state, but it's going to be great because I have plans! I have no idea what these plans are but I got them!

I'm going to steal this idea (but stretch it for a week because I got sick on Monday and because I work in retail things are weird) from Lindsay DeFranco (An awesome blogger person/Philip DeFranco's awesome wifey that I admire! Go here for adorable vlogs of her and her little one who makes me smile and wish that all babies were this baby.) of taking a buffer day. Just a nice reset from the old year to the new year. I'm going to get organized and maybe unpack more of my things, but mainly get all of my clothes into proper places because I know he doesn't say it but I know my clothes being ALL over the place probably bother Neil. I know it bothers me.

Most importantly I want to figure out me. I got the guy. I got the sweet job. I know the road I kind of want to go down, but I want to make sure that it's it. It has a lot having to do with getting out of my comfort shell a bit, not too much (I'm not a crazy person. I like comfort. Have you seen how many comfy sweaters I own?! It's a LOT!).

So, I'm not going to make a resolution per se (<< Also totally used that word wrong but I like how it sounds and I'm going to keep it.). I want to figure out: Hey, I'm happy finally. What's going to keep me here? Whether that be finally reading ALLLLLL of my TBR pile of books or doing art again or just keeping up the exercising thing. I want to stay in this peaceful bubble of majority stress-free bliss that I have finally achieved.

So, achieve your bliss peeps and/or watch me maintain mine guys.

Happy New Year!

Since this post is very text oriented here's this. Also shout out to how accurate the photo manip is to the end result of Benedict being Doctor Strange! Speaking of Benedict: Sherlock Special! OMG! But that's another post. ><