Tuesday, December 1

Holy Crap! A Recap of November
11:33 AM

Holy Crap! A Recap of November

SOOOO much has gone down in the past month and I can't believe it's been a month!

New job happened and it's going well. First Thanksgiving with the boyfriend happened and it was a wonderful success with duck and potatoes and parades and breakfasts oh and Daredevil (I'm in love with Daredevil! Vincent D'onofrio makes me want to give all the hugs to him and want Kingpin turn into the most wonderful antihero ever)! I can't wait for more! Also first Michigan Snow!!!!! That was fun.

So, really not a lot happened but it's the big things that make it feel like that a lot happened.

Now that I know what things have in store for me I can probably get all settled into a routine again. I like routines. They make me feel centered.

And with that I leave you with picture things of food and happy things!

Recap accomplished!