Tuesday, September 3

The World's End
12:44 PM

The World's End

I have determined that Edgar Wright and Joss Whedon need to make all the movies starting now until forever! As a side note: When Simon Pegg is not busy being Scotty or Tom Cruise's techman, he needs to be on the writing team! OMG! Just imagine that writing team! UGH! I want it now! Please. Someone?

Yeah that might be an Edgar and a Benedict. =D

The World's End was perfect. Yes it did have some high expectations to uphold (i.e. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), but if you know walking in that it is in like of those movies and Simon Pegg isn't the straight man it was AWESOME!

The whole movie is about Pegg's character wanting to relive the highlight of his life by recreating a night he and his buddies did 20 years, an epic pub crawl. But the guys are older and cranky and really don't want to do it. When they go to their old home town to start the festivities, it's like they've never lived there their whole lives. No one recognizes them, and this kind of depresses Pegg a bit.

Then the shit flies when we get to the discovery of the "robot" aliens! And I leave you at that!

I loved this movie so much that I need the DVD like now!

Point you need to see it.



Nick Frost is adorable.

Martin Freeman gets his head bashed in in the most hilarious of ways!

Also this happened: EPIC