Monday, September 2

I have caved into yet another thing...
9:07 AM

I have caved into yet another thing...

So, a short while ago I announced on Facebook that I have caved into yet another pop culture phenom known as Game of Thrones. Unlike Duck Dynasty (which threw everyone that knew me off), this is so up my alley! got the books first, but then shortly realized because of their length and classes starting up again I would not be able to play catch up as fast as I would like. So, I'm going backwards with it. Watch a season, read the book. Therefore I can't get all fangirl mad while I watch the AMAZING show!

That being said, I'm watching it spoiler free. I have no idea what's going on outside the four episodes that I watched yesterday, so it's pretty awesome to do this even though the internet is popping up: HEY LOOK AT ME!!!! It happens. That's what the internet does so well.

Now on to my favorite part so far: Peter Dinklage. That's it. He's my favorite part.

Least favorite: The Lanisters (except Peter Dinklage he's the only sound one) and the blond brother of the hot chick who's the wife of the Jonathan Rhys-Davies look-a-like. They need to die. (Don't you dare tell me if they do or not! I know Martin has that habit of killing people and the writers are somewhat good with that!)

I'm glad I found something worth watching that even though it does have the weirdest incest story line that I can do with out, it really enjoyable and reminds me of stuff that I read and wanted to watch when I was little.

Yay! Winter is coming. For reals this time! <3

Yeah...It needed to happen when I saw it.