Monday, May 20

Spoilers, Star Trek, and its official: I can't handle a bunch of hot guys on a screen
12:13 PM

Spoilers, Star Trek, and its official: I can't handle a bunch of hot guys on a screen

So it's been a crazy ride last week for me only to end yesterday with an amazing movie and realizations that I shouldn't be allowed to watch Bennedict Cumberbatch in public with people because his voice is toooooo much for me!

Really if you haven't watched Star Trek and you don't want spoils go away and then come back.


*as a stream of consciousness* Tribbles, McCoy = Sex, Khan remake, Bennedict is AMAZING!, Chris Pine needs all the awards, so does everyone else, but this was seriously the best performance I've seen this man do! It was magic! Zoe Saldana's Klingon is like omg please speak like this forever! By the way Klingons. They were amazing! Need more Klingons in my life! Simon Pegg will make you cry and so will the end of this movie. It was just great!

Okay. Done.

What I'm listening to right now: Marc Maron ripping into Kumal Nimjami (I'm pretty sure I spelled his last name wrong, but yeah.) on Doug Loves Movies.

I feel like I should put on the official record that I love Marc Maron. He makes me happy and feel like he's the older, Jewish-ish, male version of me, except I'm too happy sometimes, but when I get to that place I feel like he is me. Basically what I'm trying to say is Marc Maron is my spirit animal.

If you haven't seen his show on IFC or downloaded it from the iTunes yet you need to! It's amazing! I mean the first episode has Dave Foley in it! It's awesome!

So that's basically my past week that I care to share, because the other parts involve craziness at work. Omg is there craziness at work! But I love it! My work is my passion. Even if that passion is selling you amazing smell good things.