Wednesday, September 18

iOS 7: Complaints, Love, and How Long It Took Me To Figure Stuff Out
3:10 PM

iOS 7: Complaints, Love, and How Long It Took Me To Figure Stuff Out

Happy iOS day!

Because I'm an eager beaver, I could not wait to get my hands on the latest Apple iOS installment. Majority of my day consisted of complaining on Twitter why I didn't get my update and a lot of googling to see if it was a roll out or not (I tried to download the keynote, but my internet hates me and I really haven't even had time to watch/listen to things until today).

Neil got his hands on a Golden Master for his phone last week and as the trusting my tech life in his hands kind of girl (I know shit, but I double check things with him because he knows what I like). He told me positive things and I became more skeptic. I hate change. I refuse to update to Windows 8 because I hate the way it looks and the screen shots that I saw of the new iOS made me hate it! I like my shiny buttons. I like that I can tweet people from my notifications center (by the way you can't do that any more and it pisses me off!). Plus the God awful colors! Oh those colors are terrible.

Apparently it was a roll out by time zone, I waited "patiently" to see the update in my settings on both my iPad and iPod. Only to find out that my iPod will never see the light of iOS 7 because it's now officially old. It made my heart sad because it was gonna be my guinea pig. I treasure my iPad more so I wasn't going to do it until I learned of this. So, my iPad went through the change.

Pros of the iOS 7 for my iPad 2:

1) Luckily with my handsome kitty background I don't get the colors and that it just depends on your background what colors it's going to show.

2) That pesky extra search screen is now just a swipe down bar. I love it because when swipe fast I accidentally swiped over to that screen and I didn't want to!

3) The new icons are not as bad as I thought they were going to be. All of the apps that are intertwined in the OS are all matte and "pretty". Honestly, I think Apple was like: "Oooo do you see what Google is doing with their new interface? How can we make that ours? Hmmm, Steve's dead, so let's do it!"

4) It looks like Google apps. I think that's a pro because I don't want to cave to Google phones and I love the apps, but yeah. It looks like Google apps and I like it. Not much of general pro, but more personal.

I haven't found any more pros, so onto the cons!


1) OMG! WHY DID YOU TAKE AWAY MY TWEET ABILITIES?! I don't want to go all the way to my app to do stuff! I'm lazy. (Also I do kinda like that it's a verbal Siri a bit. She doesn't talk to you, but still kinda helpful. Yeah there's a pro...kinda.)

2) Okay this thing? Yeah took me 15 minutes to figure out how to close apps out, so thanks. (By the way: Swipe up on the page picture.)

3) iTunes Radio. Did you people at Apple forget that this was already a thing and decided to make it like Spotify, because this is how I feel?

4) Not all apps are compatible yet. I've had numerous app updates today because of the rollout, but not all are compatible yet. So, be prepared, I know the app peeps weren't yet, but I understand. It takes time so I'm not harping on them so much. This isn't so much a con, but a warning.

I'm sure there are more cons out there for me to complain about and you can hear me whine over here. In the mean time more screencaps that may interest you:

Your new folder. If you have a crap ton of apps in a folder they now slide over.

No more going into setting and fixing stuff. Swipe up and get this guy and do fun things.

Yeah I'm busy and like planning out my days.

New day view. I like Calendar more now. I will admit this.

Now we know what's in my iTunes right now.

You're singing this song don't deny.

Looks like the Mailbox app a bit, but kinda nice.

New app store. I downloaded that Human Body's really fun! AND FREE!

New iTunes store..same but matte.
New share thing. I really like it spreads out your options and added Airplay.

YAY YOU MADE IT TO THE END OF MY POST! Now for something completely different:

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