Tuesday, May 7

That's Entertainment!
10:34 AM

That's Entertainment!

So, I got home real late last night and instead of scrounging for food in the house I decided to put on my T.V. and start to watch my shows to fall asleep to (American Dad and Family Guy).

But I couldn't get to sleep. Not being able to sleep = channel flipping.

The surfing of the channels didn't last long. After going down only two stations I hear a familar song and the picture of a red curtain with the word "Overture" emblazened across it. I lied there in bed trying to figure out what movie it was with out flipping over to the TV Guide channel to figure it out (By the way I have the basic-iest of the basic cable).

Luckily it only took me a minute and a half to determine what it was, the wonderful salute to MGM Musicals: "That's Entertainment!" (The first one. They did three more after that, I think, and I find it funny because before it was released they ran a featurette before other movies in the theaters saying this is the only time that this will ever happen, but lo and behold there were sequels!).

I love this movie. It embraces everything I love about musical movies and my childhood as well.

My mom and I, from the time I can remember, would always cuddle up on the couch and turn on Robert Osborne and watch whatever movie he was about to present (Before TCM we did AMC when they still had old movies on.).

My favorites were of course the MGM musicals, next to whatever Danny Kaye movie was showing that day.

Watching "That's Entertainment!" last night just made me feel giddy singning songs that I know by heart, doing my best to try to imitate the dances on my screen in bed by shuffling my feet. It was great.

I'm so glad that channels like TCM exist. If not I would have never know of any the movies I cherish or have such fond memories with my Mom.

I leave you with the trailer for the second installment. It's my favorite because it has Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire doing what they do all over the place! ><